My name is Isadora Vuong Van.

I am a developer. I mainly work with Next.js, a React-based framework.

You can check out my latest projects, how I learned web development, or my background and passions.

My latest projects

[Ongoing] Her(e) Otherwise

Screenshot of here-otherwise website

This website is the result of a collaboration between two architects and an artist/philosopher. It is a "portal" on which the artists of their communities can contribute text, images and videos. For each contributor, a polygon formed by the geographical points walked is used as a profile picture. I deployed a PostgreSQL database on a dedicated VPS, in a Docker container. I am currently studying whether a CMS would be suitable for the site's needs, or whether I will have to develop an API and an interface.

    Next.js 13TypeScriptJestCypressDockerPostgreSQLMapbox

    Small Creative

    Screenshot of small-creative website

    For a virtual reality studio, I developed a showcase website with Next.js and Tailwind CSS. The content is managed by Airtable, and the images and videos are optimized by Cloudinary.

      Next.js 12JavaScriptTailwind CSSAirtable as a CMSCloudinary Image transformation

      Georges Tattoos

      Screenshot of georges website

      This form allows the future clients of a tattoo artist to send her their tattoo project. She receives an email with the photos attached, and the data is stored in an Airtable database.

        Next.js 12JavaScriptTailwind CSSAirtable as a CMSMulterCloudinary


        Screenshot of Mastermoji website

        This little project is one of my first... it dates back to 2020! It is a mastermind in which the pawns are emojis. It's a simple express server, with for the real-time aspect and for experimentation purposes. It was deployed on a VPS with nginx, and I used Docker to containerize it.



          In brief

          Between 2018 and 2021, I took courses at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (CNAM) in Paris as part of the DUT in computer science.

          Then, I followed the Web Developer training at OpenClassrooms, accompanied by a mentor who taught me a lot about the working methods of the modern developer.

          Before, I studied psychoanalytic psychology, was a yoga teacher, and then became an executive assistant in law firms and a recruitment agency. It was in these positions that I finally started coding, automating tasks in VBA!

          My hobbies

          Event management

          In 2020 and then in 2022, I co-founded two event collectives, which also have aims of popular education, reflection on gender and sexuality, as well as inclusivity. They are driven by the values of intersectional feminism.

          Home Automation

          I have a passion for home automation. On my Raspberry Pi 4, I installed Raspberry Pi OS (based on Debian 12 and Linux kernel 6.10). I am currently developing a voice assistant (AWS speech-to-text) that can search on ChatGPT, send commands to Home Assistant, and use speech-to-intent (Pico Rhino) for other simple conversational tasks. I automated my Home Assistant backups using bash scripts.